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Skylar is a 30-year-old unrepentant narcissist and general lunatic who occasionally hangs around the outskirts of the PSO community, mostly just to harass anime. He used to frequently post on the Ephinea forums and Discord to seek the attention he constantly craves, but he was banned from both, so he resorted to making lobbies in-game with names that disrespected lil b. He even managed to get himself kicked out of Ephinea 2 of all places, despite its status as a haven for banned and “undesirable” players. Skylar claims to be a Christian, despite his frequent unprovoked attacks and harassment against other users.


At first, Skylar made genuine, if misguided, contributions to many important forum threads. As time went on, however, he realized he wouldn't get much attention if he behaved himself, so he began to act out more and more: he spammed multiple users' DMs and public channels in the first Ephinea Discord with graphic gore imagery, privately doxxed SaltyCalzone to “check if she was really a girl” and “for her own safety”, and made a general fool of himself. Among other things, he has threatened to break people's jaws, complained about being weak and not having any stamina while consuming only energy drinks for nutrition, and told someone that they needed to be drugged and raped. Matt told him to knock off his low quality posting on the forums or else he'd be banned; in response, Skylar proceeded to delete all 1200 of his posts by hand, one by one.

On August 29, 2017, when multiboxing was banned, Skylar made the most dramatic “goodbye thread” humanly possible, and in typical Skylar fashion, didn't actually “quit” anything, despite claiming to do so in that very thread. He continued to lurk the forums for months, making useless bait posts that were increasingly filled with large GIFs in hopes of getting even a fraction of the attention he used to. This behavior came to a head in the Seasons announcement thread on January 10, when he suggested that an option be added to back out of the season, was shot down by multiple players and staff including Sodaboy, and then proceeded to suggest that many, many people would complain if his request wasn't added, despite no one in the thread implying that they cared about it in the least. He was banned immediately after his “participation” in said thread.

After the controversial unbanning of Girth, when hopes for Girth's re-ban were still in the air, Skylar joined Girth's Discord on March 29 and warned him that he may be re-banned, after snooping in Ephinea 2 for information. He specifically told Girth, a known scumbag and pedophile, to sell off his items, and outright admitted that he was warning Girth and (rightfully) getting called a pedophile supporter. He then made an alternate account and ban evaded in the main Ephinea Discord, telling Sodaboy to hurry up and re-ban Girth so he didn't sell his items… which Girth wouldn't have known to do had Skylar not mentioned it to him. He then gave at least three excuses for what he'd just done, saying he “just wanted to be friends with Nikki again”, “hated Ryan more than he hated Girth”, and “this is a problem the staff caused by letting the information get out”. To date, this is one of Skylar's most extreme examples of refusing to admit fault for anything.


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