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Alright, enough. I recommend you leave this page. At the end of the day, this wiki shouldn't even be allowed. Yeah so anyway, making drama for the sake of drama is going to result in an immediate ban from this wiki. Ephinea 2 is not a freedom of speech place, if you don't follow the rules, action will be taken.

- Matt, summarized (and dramatized; only “Alright, enough.” is a direct quote)

Matt is the longtime administrator of Ephinea, though given the pathetic amount of work he does on the server other than moderating people, the title of “forum admin” fits him better. Matt is notorious for letting his emotions and whims dictate his actions; he frequently has long discussions with those around him about what he should do, only to completely ignore any and all input he receives and do what he wants anyway. He holds strong grudges against players he feuded with on Schthack (namely, MA4B), and goes out of his way to monitor and moderate them more often than he does other users. He often disappears from Ephinea-related media for months at a time to play some combination of PSO2, Runescape, Terraria, and Warframe, completely neglecting his duties outside of warning people on the forum.


Matt, known as Zynetic on Schthack, was an avid Time Attacker for a long time, specializing in Challenge Mode. He ended up quitting TA and leaving for PSO2 and Eden, since his 4P MU3 record got beaten by MA4B, by almost a minute (and then that record was broken again, also by MA4B).


Matt spent some time on Eden preaching against MA4B, advising the staff and users there not to listen to them despite MA4B actually trying to be helpful for once instead of just trolling Matt all the time.


Matt was in a group of Time Attackers who eventually started climbing leaderboards because all the good teams stopped playing. In the fullest PSO drama circle cylandar, he got kicked out of the largest western PSO2 team due to being associated with some asshole.


In 2015, in the first months of Ephinea's history, Matt was promoted to GM on NDW's recommendation. For some time, Matt actually did his job properly, working with the other administrators and the event team to provide consistent, fun content, like Christmas 2015 with its Time Attack leaderboard and the 2016 anniversary event.

When MA4B finally appeared on Ephinea, Matt banned them all from the forums on a metaphorical hair trigger - all it took was 9898 asking him if he recorded a TA video for him to ban all of them. Thankfully, Sodaboy quickly reversed this, since they hadn't actually done anything. Matt still claims he holds no grudges against them, despite this obvious display of bias.

December 2016 rolled around, and Matt had a disagreement with the event team. He wanted to add Type weapons with specials and hit to the list of presents for the Christmas event, but intentionally didn't mention that he was adding them, knowing he'd meet resistance from the team. When the event was due to go live, Matt mentioned the inclusion of “secret items” in the event, which turned out to be the Type items, which weren't agreed upon by any of the event planners and weren't obtainable with stats in vanilla PSO.

Matt seemed to be coming around in December 2017, when he backed Ryan's proposal to permanently ban Girth after he lied about multiboxing and ban evaded. The ban stood firmly for a few months until XII started badgering the staff, complaining about how Girth frequently whined about his ban to him. These were mostly ignored; eventually, the GM channel in the staff Discord was properly locked, with only GMs allowed into it. This stemmed the flow of complaints for only a short time, however, as XII resorted to DMing Matt with further complaints.

January 2018 brought Ephinea's first Season with it, and the event team was tasked with putting together a list of items for seasonal rewards. Matt put this off for months, only putting together a work-in-progress list over halfway through the season. The reward quest itself, along with the related custom items, weren't implemented for a month and a half (May 27) after the season ended (April 12). Even then, most of the custom items were broken in some way or another and have yet to be fixed, as of September 2018. Matt admits to not having tested most of the weapons at all, but many of the weapons are badly broken at first glance, so that much was obvious.

In March 2018, XII planned a follow-up to his popular April Fool's quest, ferets sekrit of draknes. He let Matt know about this weeks ahead of time, and Matt reassured him that since he had weeks to work with him, he'd get it done. The weeks in question went by without a word from Matt, until days remained, at which point Matt said that he wouldn't be able to do the quest, to no one's surprise.

On March 28, 2018, with no warning whatsoever, and after multiple discussions with the rest of the staff that ended with the conclusion that Girth should stay banned, Matt decided to unban him. Ryan resigned within a day, and in less than two weeks, a shitstorm occurred that blew open the lid on Matt's handling of the Girth situation. Matt hadn't told Sodaboy or Tofuman about Girth's previous harassment of women on Ephinea, which led to both administrators defending the decision to unban him, saying he “hadn't done anything on Ephinea”, and making them look completely out of touch with the community.

Despite Matt's arrogance and incompetence now on display for anyone who cared to look, he continued to defend himself and blame-shift for months, somehow relating Ryan's decision to warn Girth instead of immediately banning him for harassment to Matt's own decision to unban Girth after he broke multiple other server rules.

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