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GuardianGirth is a 30-year-old chronic stoner and pedophile in the PSO community. He formerly played on Ephinea; after two “permanent” bans lifted for unclear reasons, he finally had the hammer brought down on him by Sodaboy. His YouTube channel can frequently be farmed for low-quality garbage that nonetheless is great drama material. Notably, since he has no ambition, he mooches off of his good friend Ade, who allows Girth to live with him and his wife despite his frequent and blatant illicit activities.


Girth befriended Imatoaster, a 14-year-old girl, met up with her in real life, and had sex with her in the back of a car. This is the source of the infamous quote “four years ain't gonna stop me from fucking an ass that sweet”; Girth was actually enough of a dumbass to admit to this. He was 20 at the time. His “​friends”​ tend to ignore this little tidbit of information if it's mentioned around them, including Ade, the infamous “​moral”​ PSO player.


Right off the bat, Girth demanded that Sodaboy give him free gear on Ephinea in exchange for him making his “quality” quests. Soda refused, and when Girth continued to bitch, he banned him indefinitely. The ban was reversed after Girth's friend and Ephinea event team member 12 asked Soda to unban him; notably, no action or apology was required from Girth for this to happen.

Girth continued his usual activities of harassing female members, PMing Cassie 9 on the Ephinea forums that he would “guide her panties to the floor”, among other things. He later denied this in a conversation with an Ephinea staff member. When Trixie, another Ephinea member, mentioned that she was 15 years old in Ephinea's Discord, Girth DMed her, and when she blew him off, he told her he “expected her to be sassier”. Girth also asked Sempi “what kind of yellow she was” in his own Discord after he learned she was Asian. At least two users asked him not to use the word “nigger” in-game with them, and he blatantly refused; Ade again defended him, saying he “​couldn'​t police his friends”​.

On December 23, 2017, Girth was caught multiboxing by the Ephinea staff. He was given a temporary ban for denying doing so while in the midst of it. Mere days later, he used his friend Yata's account to ban evade, so he was given his second indefinite ban. Around this time, Revision informed Ephinea's staff that Girth's quest, Villianous [sic] Rift #1, had an exploit in it that allowed quick farming of Lucky Coins to gain easy Photon Drops. This wasn't factored into his ban at all, since he'd already secured a “permanent” ban, but it was pretty damning nonetheless. Girth continued to deny having multiboxed, even after admitting that he'd done it since September, when the rule against it was implemented in August; he claimed that Ade's “​nefew”​ had been playing on the alternate account he used, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

After bitching endlessly at the staff and failing to get his ban reversed, he made a shitty apology video addressed directly to Sodaboy, in which he finally admitted to multiboxing, though in a shitty roundabout way. (paraphrased: “I was greedy in September, and I was stupid in December”) When that failed to get his ban removed, he deleted the video and made a new account to play on Seasons. On March 28, 2018, despite Ephinea's staff having discussed Girth's ban multiple times and electing not to remove it each time, Matt removed the ban with no input from any other staff members.

On April 9, 2018, seven users were given no-warn bans from Ephinea for informing users that this very page existed. Any discussion of Girth, his ban, or the blanket bans resulted in immediate bans from the Ephinea Discord as well; in response to this wildly out-of-control and blatant censorship, a Reddit thread was created to address the issue. The opinions of several casual users outside the dramasphere were revealed, and Sodaboy and Tofuman revealed that they weren't aware of the majority of Girth's actions on Ephinea, since Matt hadn't told them about any of it. At the end of the day, Sodaboy decided to finally permanently ban Girth from all Ephinea media, and reverse the bans given out for exposing Girth's actions to the community.


Since his ban, Girth has made all sorts of wild accusations, accusing Cassie, Ryan, and Trixie of forging evidence to get him banned. He also directly accused MA4B of “putting lines from his YouTube together” to create the voice clip featured on this very page, despite said clip being a part of a larger 40-minute recording that provides more than enough context to prove the clip's legitimacy.

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