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In 2018, war was beginning. Alma Elma found Gifoie 30, and pricechecked it in the Diamond Dogs team Discord, since he was new to auctioning and trading in general. One of his team members, Red, had the bright idea of “bleeding Venom dry”, and specifically mentioned that he didn't even want the item. Another Diamond Dogs member, Jorrag, directly asked for fake bids to be put down. Someone leaked screenshots of this to Venom, and he correctly assumed that Red probably wouldn't even pay for the Gifoie if he won the auction, since it was from his teammate.

Venom reported this to Ryan, and before the staff finished resolving the matter, he publicly retracted his bid and posted the offending screenshots from the Diamond Dogs Discord. MA4B members quickly flooded the thread with Girth jokes, and the thread was soon deleted, with Red banned from the auction forum for rigging an auction and the involved MA4B members given the same punishment for derailing an auction thread. All related auction bans were later lifted, except for Red's. Alma later gave the Gifoie 30 to Venom for free.

Of note in the thread screenshot is how Alma reacts to the screenshots getting posted, attacking Venom and the mystery leaker instead of disavowing Red and his awful behavior.


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