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Ephinea's Finest Hour occurred on April 9, 2018, and involved various members of the community coming together to attempt to overturn the controversial, unexplained unban of Girth. Their efforts were ultimately successful, as Sodaboy and Tofuman were given overwhelming amounts of evidence of Girth's activities that Matt had already been aware of, but hadn't shared with them when he unbanned Girth.

The Buildup

Girth's completely unexplained unban at the end of March stirred a great deal of upset in the community, from top to bottom; Sodaboy hadn't approved the action to begin with, Ryan resigned from his post as GM, and many other users complained behind the scenes, wary of Matt's itchy trigger finger around the rule of not discussing bans. Around this time, the number 4 began to spike in popularity as a silent method of opposing the unban, since it referenced Girth's infamous quote about a girl four years under the age of consent. Symbol chats were made with clocks pointed to 4:00 and the phrase “4 YEARS” written out graphically. A short URL was created, “”, that linked directly to Girth's page on this wiki; the URL was specifically chosen to be short enough to fit into a banner. The banner appeared on April 8, and Nikki (and presumably others) reported it.

The Purge

The next day, NDW was given a 3-day ban for making the game that the banner appeared in. When news of his ban got out, many players took to the game and the Discord, posting “#FreeNDW”, mentioning Girth's pedophilia, and criticizing Matt for unbanning him and banning NDW. When the other admins got wind of this wiki's existence, they told Matt to ban anyone associated with it, despite it being outside of the public Ephinea sphere. As a result, Andy, anime, Carnage, DGM, Ryan, and Jake were all banned from the game; this was despite Andy only creating the barebones front page for the wiki without putting any information on it, Carnage's complete lack of association with it, and DGM not contributing to it at all. Notably, anime was banned while arguing with Matt in-game over unbanning Girth, and DGM was banned after calling Girth a pedophile while in the lobby with Matt. Carnage's ban was lifted within an hour, since he wasn't guilty of anything.

The Shitstorm

After Sodaboy confirmed to anime that users protesting wouldn't change the outcome of the situation, a Reddit thread was created laying out all the evidence against Girth, Matt's inaction and apparent preferential treatment of Girth, and appealing directly to the PSO public. The reaction was predictable, with users in disbelief and shock over the behind-the-scenes decisions made by Matt. It quickly became clear that Sodaboy and Tofuman had minimal knowledge of the Girth situation, since Matt apparently hadn't mentioned his more recent Ephinea-centered harassment when discussing whether or not to reban Girth. Vex and Trixie sent overwhelming evidence to Soda and Tofu that incriminated Girth, and in a few short hours, Girth's ban was reinstated, with Soda and Tofu making no secret of how angry they were with both Girth and Matt. All of the bans given out related to criticism of Girth were reversed, and Ephinea was saved from certain Matt-guided doom.

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