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Ade is a longtime PSO player, a licensed philosopher, and a member of the Girth Defense Force. His online antics date back to at least 2003, when he was banned from GameFAQs; since then, his nonsensical rants and views have been catalogued across sites such as IGN, PSO-World, and almost every PSO server in existence. He specializes in not knowing what he's talking about, shoehorning his philosophy degree into every discussion possible, unironically comparing himself to Socrates, and flat-out lying to protect himself and Girth from the public.


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At some point, Ade smashed a table or something? Can someone expound on this?

Ade was known to stand by and do nothing while Girth harassed and drove away multiple female friends of theirs. He would later justify this behavior, along with Girth's frequent racist remarks, by saying he “can't police his friends”.


Since Ephinea's inception, Ade has felt the need to inject himself into every thread he can to start drama, under the guise of “rational discussion”. He openly admits to not caring how others feel at all when he debates with them, which would explain his support of Girth despite the latter's frequent harassment and abuse of other people. Threads Ade has participated in without invitation, and subsequently complained about being “attacked” in, include the freestyle rap thread and the character tier list thread; notably, in the latter, time attacking vs. casual play was discussed, and Ade only joined the discussion to whine about being grouped as a “casual PSO player” in a completely non-insulting way, thus clearly demonstrating his victim complex.

For an unspecified amount of time, Ade allowed Girth to live in his house. When Girth's immoral behavior was exposed to the public, Ade at first feigned outrage in private conversations to people who had known about Girth all along, but later backpedaled when talking to people within the Girth Defense Force. He initially claimed that Girth “admitted” to wrongdoing, but later corrected himself in a conversation with Nikki, saying he “never specified what Girth admitted to”. When confronted about his backpedaling, he implied that evidence was being fabricated against Girth, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Ade finally drew a line in the sand with Girth after his behavior was exposed, saying he would kick Girth out of his house by the end of April 2018. Girth moved out on May 4th, 2018, four days behind schedule. Nonetheless, Ade's abode seems to finally be free of molesters.

Despite repeatedly claiming to have some sort of moral superiority over others, Ade was caught lying to users about himself and Girth, telling one user that Girth “never harassed anyone in front of him because he knows I wouldn't tolerate it” and that he “never witnessed Girth being creepy in game or in public”, and then, within a month, telling another user that “there was no good to come from confronting Girth about it”, that he “sat down and talked to Girth about it more than once”, and that “being a creep online was periodically addressed and stopped for a while”. Months later, Ade would reflect on the Girth incident by saying he “still valued his friendship with him”. Obviously, this is the mark of a wise, rational man, and not a liar who will say anything to protect himself and his pedophile friend.


See Ade/Quotes.

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